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A high quality camping sleeping pad will make sure that your camping adventure will be a success. Here are some camping tips.Keep a light handy: Campers are often amazed at how dark the night feels outdoors. Wear a headlamp or keep a flashlight handy. Hang a small LED lantern inside your tent as soon as you set it up, so you can turn it on when you prepare for bed. Some tents now come with built-in LED lights for a gentle glow.

Nothing’s better than getting into a cozy warm bed at night. Bring this luxury to your campsite by boiling a pot of water an hour before bed. Let it cool a bit, then pour it into a heat resistant water bottle, seal it tight, and place it in your sleeping bag. Sleeping bag liners can also add warmth, as can stuffing in extra clothing to fill any pockets between your body and the bag. Adjustable sleeping bags allow you to unzip individual layers of insulation. For additional warmth, pack a blanket, a beanie or warm hat, and some socks to warm your extremities.

These are filled with some foam which expands when you open the valve and spread the pad, and it sucks the air in. You may blow some air in if you want. The outside shell is usually waterproof. The Therm-a-Rest model given in the picture above is one of them. An open-cell foam structure is similar to a bath sponge. So you have the gas pockets which are connected with each other. They are self-inflating due to memory effect of the foam. These pads are popular among backpackers and campers. They come in a large variety of weight (and thickness and price), but they are usually more lightweight than the air pads.

A sleeping pad’s ability to keep you warm is invaluable. Even during warm summer months temperatures can drop at night. Having a layer between you and the ground can help to retain body heat for a comfortable night’s sleep. When looking for a sleeping pad you may come across a number called R-Value, which ranges between 1-10 and corresponds to the insulation the pad provides. The higher the rating, the more heat the pad will retain. An R-Value between 1-5 will be sufficient for three-season camping. These pads will be lighter, packable and easier to carry. Anything above 5 will add weight, and may only be suitable for cold weather or car camping. Pads above 5 are designed for more extreme camping, such as sleeping outside where there is snow and ice on the ground.

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