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Fashion embroidery designs: Forest Hand Embroidery Design. Make simple and plain fabric look interesting with this simple yet fresh forest and cabin in the woods design. This should also be perfect on linens, tablecloths, napkins, aprons, and perhaps pillowcases.

Embroidery has historically been done mainly by women, however, this has not prevented some famous men from finding rest and relaxation in embroidering, or “painting with thread” as some call it. Actor Henry Fonda revealed in an interview that his favorite hobby was embroidering. Between shots when filming, he sat and embroidered satin stitch in order to relax and pass the time. Another gentleman embroiderer was Gustaf V, king of Sweden between 1907-1950. He relaxed by embroidering flame stitch. It was a very unusual employment among men of their generation, but this did not stop Cowboy Henry’s nor King Gustaf’s devotion to the noble art of embroidery. They are both evidence that embroidery is something for everyone; young or old, poor or rich, famous or unknown – the only thing needed is a needle, thread, fabric, and a spare moment.

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History costume embroidery has been practiced for decades and dates to 30000 BC or the Cro- magnon days. In Recent years fossilized remains of hand stitched and decorated clothes, boots, and hats were found by an archaeologist. In Siberia around the year, 5000-6000BC drilled shells stitched with decorative designs were discovered. In China embroidery dates to 3500BC and there are pictures that show embroidered clothing with a silk thread, stones, and pearls. In China, an example of chain stitch embroidery was found in warring streets between 3rd -5th Century BC.

Later in the history of embroidery there came a period of revival. This new style was different from the earlier work. Velvet and satin were favourite ground materials and floral forms such as the pomegranate, Tudor rose and fleur-de-lys were used. These often had lines and spangles decorating them. The embroidery was often a panel, superimposed on the richly decorated background of brocade. Discover extra info on