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Branding recommendations by Dario Sipos: One of the fundamental steps to a successful guest blogging strategy is picking the right websites. In addition to niche relevancy, you also need to look for sites that already have a steady stream of traffic. This will help you connect with people who are already interested in what you offer as a business. Always emphasize an actionable step when developing the page that you’re bringing traffic to. It should be related to the guest post you’ve submitted to the other blog. Otherwise, your link is nothing more than a disruption in your audience’s journey — a waste of time for them and a lost lead for you.

A stellar reputation is a guarantee that your content will stand out regardless of any prevailing circumstance. In an online ecosystem where ranking algorithms, feed selection and everything else that determines what the audience gets to see vary by the minute, this is an especially critical advantage to have in your locker room. Finally, curate your content like a pro. However attractive publishing platforms like Quora, LinkedIn and Medium seem, they’re not the ideal distribution outlet for deriving the utmost value (ROI) from your content. Don’t get me wrong, LinkedIn, Medium, and the rest definitely have their place in the content marketing space, just that basing your strategy (in the short or longterm) on these platforms limits how far you can go and how much value you can pull out from your content.

Establish your business on review sites. Think of review sites as discussion and assessment forums for consumers. It’s where they go to survey a brand before committing to the final purchase. If your business page on these sites is not claimed and fully step up, you’re invariably missing out on this limitless source prime consumer engagement. Review sites come by the dozens, and while you can go as far as setting up business pages on all of them, your emphasis should be on the more prevalent alternatives like Google Business, Yelp, and those set up mainly for businesses in your niche. Find a few extra details on Branding Expert.

People Want Purpose “Why?” is often the favorite question for a child to ask and people never truly seem to grow out of that mindset. At the end of the day, everyone wants to know why they are doing what they are doing. What is their job’s purpose within the bigger picture? More than that, what difference are they making in their community or in society at large? In the workplace, this mindset can be applied in a very direct way. Employees should know their goals and they should have a concrete plan for reaching them. Employers should help employees in this venture by making sure they feel valued, heard, and as part of a bigger team that’s working towards even bigger goals. Specific feedback and one-on-one interaction should be part of the daily routine.

To gain your target audience, you must contribute to blogs that already have an established flow of traffic. Your contribution to a blog should be relevant to the kind of content you provide on your own site. This helps the audience maintain interest in what you have to say. Building better backlinks will help optimize your success in gaining relevant traffic. Contributing to popular blogs in your niche is a great way to introduce your content to an audience rather than waiting for them to find you.

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